Different Shades of Blue

A friend suggested me to try out to experience ‘sayawan’ or dance in the province- you know the prom-like type wherein the boy’s hands are on the girls’ waist while the girl’s hands on her partner’s shoulders and they would dance leaning with each other. I replied back then, ‘Yes, I’ve already experienced that! But that was long ago, when I was still in my high school years.’ My friend still insisted I’d try it out whenever I have time, as according to him it is a wonderful time to be into. I then said, hmmm… why not?!

Almost two weeks after, my supervisor told me that our summer company outing would not pursue as planned due to budget cuts. After hearing that news you know what came to my mind?- the possibility of asking her for a vacation leave so I can go to our province- perfect timing as both my parents will leave in a few days for the Fiesta of San Isidro Labrador in Pandan Tubigon, Bohol. I also remembered asking for it to the Lord, as most of my prayer nowadays is ‘to let me know Him more while knowing myself more also’. Miraculously through God’s providence, my supervisor approved of my 3-day vacation leave and found myself booking after that a plane ticket to our province-Bohol which is famous for the ‘Chocolate Hills’.



A day before leaving for the trip- our neighbor Josie is servicing both my parents their manicure and pedicure, so I also grabbed this opportunity to had mine done as well. Most of the time, I’m just into cleaning and not so much into coloring my nails. What’s different with this service is the fact that I had them colored and much more with a different shade- blue!!! (just like what you see in the picture)

If only I have a twitter account, I might have tweeted, ‘Only you Lord can produce great shades and depths of blue! @sea’; this is during our short but sweet unplanned swimming in the sandbar at the middle of the sea on my first day of stay in Bohol. Only there I saw, from dark blue to aquamarine to sky blue to navy blue to blue green and all! I have never expected there are many shades of blue that God have provided at sea not as many as I have imagined! We are the only group relinquishing the beauty set before us – it is as if we rented the whole place but no it’s all for free!!!

At night time, as the scheduled dance came- you know what I did? I did not go. It may not be a surprise to me (as previously I also did not go to this dance) – but yes, this is my reason why I went to this trip anyway! Well, during that time we all got tired with swimming during the day and we all do not have extra energy left to go to the dance. I also realized myself more that I am in peace with that decision of not going as no one pressured me to go and change myself as this is who I really am!

Friday morning came, fiesta day is here and we all went to church for the Holy Mass and the gospel is about Jesus Christ asking Simon Peter three times, if He loves Him or not. The priest also repeated the value of:

‘It’s better to give than to receive’

This, he always repeated throughout his homily- explaining to all that we should follow the example led by the patron saint of Pandan Tubigon- San Isidro Labrador; who works as a farmer and gives to the poor as well during his lifetime. Thus, I recalled murmuring a prayer to the Lord saying:

‘Lord, give me the grace to always look for opportunities to give. Bless us also more so we can give more. Especially at times that we have nothing else to give but still give!’

Again, for the second time around just like the swimming that is unplanned, we all found our way going to cemetery to visit our dead grandparents together with our five nieces and made our trip to Island City Mall to buy them all new school bags and dresses and let them experience eating out at every kid’s desire here in the Philippine archipelago- Jollibee!

At night, I felt how divine and how genuine the happiness of my nieces felt:

A) retelling to their parents how the afternoon went,

B) recalling beautiful sceneries they saw during our road trip,

C) sniffing the fragrance of their new dresses and bags.

Hahaha… how my concern of higher credit card balance soon forgotten! I also called my eldest niece at my own room, and in an instant gave her the blue dress I brought with me. This is the same dress I was about to wear at the dance, but since I’ve heard that she is of interest to dances not like me- something unexpected happen! She gave me a tight hug!!!

I’ve went to this place to be touched and astonishingly got embraced; not by a boy but surprisingly a girl-my sweet niece; not by wearing the blue dress but by giving it away! Thank you Lord! Now my trip is complete. =)


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