Being a Laity is a Divine Calling Too!


I was empowered last Saturday (September 29, 2012)  when I read PCP II on lay spirituality.  The Second Plenary Council of the Philippines (PCP-II) is the local Catholic church’s articulation of her mission according to the Second Vatican Council (Vatican II).  Vatican II is the reason why most masses are no longer mumbled in Latin by a priest with his back to an uncomprehending congregation of veiled women and bored men. (Many thanks to Eleanor Dionisio’s article on Philippine Daily Inquirer for the explanation, you may check it out at this link:

An article in the book emphasized that being a laity is a divine calling too! Not just religious and being those called to be in the third order such as brothers or sisters; see the article below:

Article 407 Foundation of the Lay Apostolate

The Council gave a new perspective on the laity when it described the theological sacramental and ecclesial foundation of the Apostolate of the Laity.

From the fact of their union with Christ the head, flows the laymen’s right and duty to be apostles. Inserted as they are in the Mystical Body of Christ by baptism and strengthened by the power of the Holy Spirit in confirmation, it is by the Lord himself that they are assigned to the apostolate. If they are consecrated a kingly priesthood and a holy nation, it is in order that they may in all their actions offer spiritual sacrifices and bear witness to Christ all the world over. Charity, which is, as it were, the soul of the whole apostolate, is given to them and nourished in them by the sacraments, the Eucharist above all.

I can’t help but recall the events the Lord called me to study in Don Bosco to know Him:

Last December 2010 one of the activities in our Action Group (7-10 brothers or sisters who meets regularly once a week), was to reflect on the things we’ve accomplished and wants to accomplish before the end of the year. I’ve decided this is the right time to personally ask Gina Agsalon (an ALNP-Makati member), on how from being a researcher (like me!) she was able to have a career shift in teaching catechism formally on college institution such as Perpetual  System in Laguna. I am still enjoying my work as a researcher but then since I also enjoy being a volunteer catechist, it also crossed my mind the possibility of why not teaching catechism also as a source of income in the future. We then finally met on 22nd of December- and that dinner date for me was a blessed encounter. I did not only know the events and practical tips that I need to have a career shift but much more! Thru that dinner date I known Gina more and most especially how the LORD has been faithful with her all through the years from being a CYA staffer, then a corporate slave and finally to a passion she is fulfilling nowadays- a teaching vocation not just any other areas of sciences but the Word of God to young people.

From that first meeting, I’ve prayed to Jesus Christ the LORD and asked if this is His plans for me, because as inspired as I was with Gina’s career shift; I know there are lots of resources to invest with particularly finances and time. While working for a BPO company as a researcher, I am already a volunteer catechist at our own parish for elementary public schools for a year now; and also have this desire to level up and not just teach according to what the provided syllabus instructs us. On 29th of December 2010, my prayer is answered- when Jesus Christ led me the words from the scriptures-

Jeremiah 29:13-14 “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. I will be found by you,” declares the LORD, “and I will restore your wealth.”

I am delighted and felt at peace after seeing this message. I know Jesus speaking again to me, most of the prophecy He led me to concerns with financial matters. And I know He knows me as putting more weight on what would be the financial impact of pursuing graduate studies. He also knows I have concern financially as for almost 3 years we have no salary increase here in the company where I am employed. So He knows logically, this would not be feasible and aside from that if I am to pursue graduate studies, it should be business-related in regards with my work. But then putting aside all of this concerns, I enrolled the following semester- June 2011 in Masters in Religious Studies Major in Catechetics at Don Bosco Center of Studies. Come July 2011, I got promoted at work (thanks to God in keeping His promise!) so my financial problem of how to get the tuition for school is covered.

I am now already at the finals of my 2nd year, 1st semester and when people around me asks when will I graduate- it seems they all are excited that I finish soon! But actually I just want to enjoy this! Because the Lord is not only revealing Himself more to me, He is revealing myself more also in the process. This I continue to cherish in my heart.

Many thanks to God for letting me rediscover life through all the people around me and the mission He called me to. My life purpose statement: ‘To live a life fulfilling the great commission of Christ in love, hope, faith, trust and humility, particularly to youth and in living with my family, fellow brothers and sisters in the community and all people from all nations and of faith. In line with this statement, I am praying to Jesus Christ always to guide me in every small and big decision I make.  Jesus showered me with numerous blessings after saying YES to Him. Praying with you to continue to be open to Jesus’ invitation to your life as well…

You will see greater things than that. (John 1:50)


One thought on “Being a Laity is a Divine Calling Too!

  1. Wylene!!! Now ko lang ito nabasa… I am so blessed and honored to have encountered and served God with you! I love you sis! – Gina 🙂

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