And I will bring back all your wealth…


I have observed that since my Lolo Boni’s death (my grandfather) just recently end of October- I am always more towards into not sharing anything even opening up to others of how I felt.

Our family including myself did not cry over his death. Is it because we already accepted it? Or is it because we are full of gratefulness already to the Lord as Lolo Boni already reached more than 70 years old? During the wake, I even greet him as though he is still alive and there to lovingly hug us all his grandchildren. But even without tears, I felt something inside of me died within…

Amidst this chapter in our family life, I am thankful for receiving many blessings this week, let me count the ways:

1) The Lord allowed me to meet again a colleague at our parish choir whom I have not met for sometime, and good news that she is again working even though she did not finish college.

2) The Lord granted my prayer to go back to Him once again by receiving the Sacrament of Reconciliation and celebrating it with Holy Mass as well!

3) Being able to meet again with my Action Group in the ALNP Community

4) Being able to serve again as an Action Group Leader to a sister Irene Lataquin during our 1:1

5) Being able to complete my work and attend to them on time and still striving

6) Being able to worship again with the ALNP community after a short vacation from being sick and lost

7) Being able to know my wealth

Let me elaborate on the 7th entry- It was the first day of our Catechetics class last Saturday at Don Bosco Center of Studies and again the Lord reminded me through one of the lessons that I am there because of His promise to me through this verse:

You will seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart. I will be found by you,’ declares the Lord, ‘and I will bring back all your wealth’. (Jeremiah 29:13-14)

So all throughout the day, I am asking Him, “Lord what is the wealth you’ve promised me?” With excitement in my heart I still recall it back as a material wealth, which He already did through my promotion at work last year. And it hit me, why am I still asking Him?

Have I already forgotten how He encounters me during my daily prayer calling him ‘P’ as if He is my living dad? Have I already forgotten how He makes me happy serving Him through the ALNP community where I belong? Have I already forgotten how He calls me to serve Him through the poor students as a catechist at a nearby public school? Have I already forgotten how He fulfills His promises to me everyday?

While reviewing my notes from my classes last year, I encounter these:

deepest longings of the human heart is happiness…

I can’t help but recall this scene from the movie ‘Pursuit of Happyness’:

Have I already forgotten how He is revealing Himself through the opportunity He has given me to know Him more through studying at Don Bosco Center of Studies?

Until now, even with just three semesters to go my parents still asks me why I study there. The film reminded me once again that even with our well-intentioned people around us just like our parents, no one can steal our dream. And this dream is fulfilled to me today!

Now this is my wealth…

(Many thanks to this site for a graphic representation of this verse)



Can I add another blessing?

8) My crush greeted and touched me today during the Holy Mass as well! (giggles…)


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