What Makes Others’ Happiness Counts

Let my cry come before you, LORD;…

Let my prayer come before you; rescue me…

I have wandered like a lost sheep; seek out your servant…

For months I experienced what one may call ‘depression stage’. One can recall from my recent blog post that my grandfather recently died last October. But honestly, I don’t know anymore why I felt that way. I have recently found an article online describing the symptoms of sadness such as loooooooooooooooooooong hours of sleep, lost of appetite and tendency to be anti-social. This would mean being absent from a lot of activities in Ang Lingkod ng Panginoon (ALNP)- Makati where I belong that I should be. As an Action Group Leader (AGL) of the community where we are expected to be if not present but always visible to other members of the community especially to those who we pastor with.

Action Groups (AGs) is the support group of each members in the community where we always meet at least 3x in a month so we can update in each others’ lives and encourage each one especially in our spiritual growth. There are two assigned Action Group Leader per group that acts as facilitator in every group activities, mediator in communication purposes, and most importantly pastoring or leading them to a personal relationship with Christ in the community. In our Action Group, I am very fortunate to have a faithful, loving, creative, and mature partner in Mia as well as pretty, dedicated, very interested, and relationship building sisters in Irene, Rebbie, Ollie, Kat, Sher, Shana, and Bless. They are the one’s who I actually look up today in their great zeal to serve other brothers and sisters in the community with much compassion and faithfulness. They are my blessings as they are the ones teaching me, encouraging me, and in a very special way leading me back to Christ not the other way around!

Thankfully with God’s grace the morning of December 08, 2012 made me go out to serve the BIBO kids and youth of Tondo. They are the recipient of Noche Buena or Christmas packages that we have gathered for them and their families. Cheeriness and glad hearts in playing the games complete with dance numbers from the kids made every loneliness out of place. I am so exhausted that morning that I suddenly forgot that I am experiencing something. See below picture of the event with them:


It’s as if the Lord is not over yet with His lesson for me; our Action Group (AG) namely Pretty Sisters (PS) AG is bound that time for an overnight celebration of our Christmas Party at Tagaytay City for the year. Mia Logica, my partner in service together with Sherlyn Ng, Irene Lataquin, Rebecca Cunada, Blesilda Cadiz, Ollie Baldemor, and Shana Baniel with his brother Laurence made every bit of the celebration a heaven here on earth! We shared the following:

1) a sumptious dinner, birthday honoring (for me), crush revelation(s) at Leslie’s;

2) great worship night, advent talk, 2012 greatful sharings, morning prayers, peaceful sleep, and morning prayers at Bahay SCAn formation house;

3) filling breakfast, exchange gift, and awarding ceremony at Bag of Beans;

4) hiking, photo-sessions and another round of 2012 greatful sharings at Picnic Grove

I am reminded by this message from:

For God who said, “Let light shine out of darkness,” has shone in our hearts to the knowledge of the glory of God on the face of [Jesus] Christ, therefore, we are not discouraged; for this momentary light affliction… (2 Corinthians 4:6,16-17)

It is truly not an easy life to be a Christian. Even now, after 3 years in the renewal Catholic community- I can still say I am struggling with my prayer time! All of us should constantly, moment by moment seek God; not only in our individual prayer time but also lived, shared and experienced in the community (of other people not just oneself).

Looking for the face of Jesus Christ in BIBO kids and youth and my pretty sisters in the community (and also all the people God surround me with) brought me back to life again! It is in looking for what makes others’ happiness counts more than mine…

(many thanks to Ollie Baldemor for the candid pictures below =))

PS Ag 2012


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