Come and See


(many thanks for Deacon Greg Kandra’s picture above from his blog

” ‘Rabbi, where do you live?’

‘Come and see…’ ”

John 1:38-39

A few days ago at the start of the year (around Jan.03), while arranging all my documents and stuff, I’ve found my passport and said to it: “Kawawa ka naman di ka matatatakan ngayong taon.” This is because I have already my mind set on saving for this year and not anything do with travel. And so I thought…

The next days after that (Jan.05)  is our first class in a year and since our topic is on Jesus calling out His disciples; our professor asked us this question?

“What is with Jesus that these men (disciples) immediately left their families, businesses and all their resources in order to follow this man? “

And so came to that verse above when disciples asked where Jesus lived. This Bible verse is repeated again that whole day until my classmate Wenks Pasimio (a full-time missionary of Singles for Christ) asked me if I would be interested to join a pilgrimage in Israel this coming April 20, 2013 approximately three months away from now. At first, I did not showed any interest on what she told me; even the brochure she handed to me I did not even looked. I know that even going to Israel is one of my dream written in my dream vision board- it is set on 2014 onwards and not now. She also told me that it would be around $3,000 all in. When I heard the amount, I just did not showed my surprise in the big amount that it would entail!

During my prayer time last Sunday (Jan.06), I’ve asked the Lord to give me a clear signal if He would like me to go on this pilgrimage trip to know Him more. You know what He did?! Yes He actually did gave me a clear signal and He wants me to go! And from my limited understanding, He guided me through a Bible verse on Matthew 2:1-6 see picture below ( many thanks to

matthew 2 verses 1 to 6

I don’t know from whom I’ve heard it, but I know it is from a homily of a priest that says that the three Magis represent us all Gentiles (or non-Israelites) as the persons during the birth of Jesus. Although I’m not a man or even wise enough by others standards- I can definitely say I am a person from the east. The very same way that the three Magis prepared and traveled from where they came from in order to meet the King of the Jews- whom is baby Jesus at their own time. And if this is not enough confirmation- the same verse from John 1:38-39 is also in the cover of the pilgrimage invite (see below), oh, what a coincidence?!

holy land invite

Even though I know that the Lord already gave me a clear signal that I can go, fear (of what would my parents think of!) and worry (of how would I be able to raise money needed for the trip) sinked in.

I then asked Wenks back  (my classmate cum organizer of the Pilgrimage trip) how she would also raise the amount needed for the trip as she is also a full time missionary with no other source of income. And she just replied to me:

“Oh, I will wipe out all my savings and the Lord will take care of everything =) “

Hahaha… What a bravado this girl really is, but from such faith I also asked myself- If this girl would give it all for the Lord, why can’t I?

That’s when the Lord completely assured me that whatever I ask for or imagine in His name will be given; and what will be given He will completely give me- not just enough but more than enough (many thanks for the Bible verse image below from


But how about my fear in telling to my parents? Grace Gayao, my prayer partner in the community just plainly told me this: ” Do not be afraid!, go check out the Bible verse for today (Jan.09)  it is the message” and so I checked it out and it is from 1 John 4:18 ( many thanks to for the pic below):

there is no fear in love

Going back again to my classmate Wenks, I’ve asked her- ” So what is the next step?” I’m expecting here she will say- Okay, be ready with your passport and other documents, etc. Unexpectedly,  you know what she said?! “Let’s pray! We are just 13 confirmed participants as of the moment, we need to be 20 in order to make this trip feasible.” She further added,  “Let’s also pray for all those the Lord called to accept His invitation to come and see His homeland”. Are you one of them? May I also ask for you to pray with me on this to make this a reality! =)



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