Miracles in my limits…

“Everything I have is yours.” (Luke 15:31)

I cried in tears when I saw this Gospel reading last Sunday about the Parable of the Prodigal Son one of the longest parable Jesus told as recounted by evangelist Luke in 15:1-3, 11-32.

DSC00312[1] DSC00309[1]

Such comforting words from me after I’ve zeroed my bank accounts last Friday in order to fully pay for my Holy Land Pilgrimage trip to know more the Lord (pssst… this is only a secret, my parents don’t know that this trip entails a huge amount!). Because I have not much savings to pay for it fully, thank God the Lord sent me an angel through Johzee Barleta- a sister in the same community I am a member of (ALNP- Makati). The miracle here is that she loaned me the same amount that I need without even telling it to her first and much more without the interest! I’ve retold this story as both my high and low for that week as I am not used to borrowing money and at the same time not having the emergency fund in my savings. Lord! I am completely entrusting to you everything…

From our class last Saturday, one of my professor- Fr. John Cabrido said, most of the disciples of Jesus that are called sold or leave everything that they had (Luke 11:5, Mark 10:50). And then he add, what have you sold to follow His call? I am completely struck with those challenge, smiling as I don’t know from where I got that confidence to even smile even without my savings. Is it because I have emptied also myself for you Lord in this particular circumstance? I hope so…

“Faith without cost is nothing.”

We are nearing our finals this term; and all of us in the class are now gearing up for the examinations to come and requirements in all the subjects. With all the pressures given to us- I have caught recurring colds and coughs. This prevented me to join with my brothers and sisters in the community as well as the fact that I have been missing teaching the youth both in our parish and the PDS Youth in Taguig where I am also serving. These I all cries as I confessed with my fellow classmate in a dinner after a class- Sr. Mercedes Santos in which she said to me these encouraging words:

“You have to recognize your limits that you cannot do all.”

Thank God I felt peace then! Thank you Lord for all that you are doing to me. I appreciate the things I lack as I see your goodness in filling me in. But I also see the miracle work of Your Holy Spirit to give me the peace and joy to move on in this journey in whatever circumstances I am in. Believing You especially in the times that I do not know where I am heading to.

And as if I am not yet through with pointing out these miracles, another one came up…

For two consecutive Sundays, I am not seeing my crush in the parish where I belong to. And recognizing my sadness that Monday morning, grumbled to Him saying- Oh how sad am I! I was not even able to see a glimpse of my crush for two weeks now. Alas! I was wrong! At the instant the Living God heard my prayer and a miracle was set in front of my own two eyes! I saw my crush just after going out of the house (kilig!) and instantly made me cry with joy! Truly, all these miracles I keep in my heart as treasures just like Mary did…

“Mary treasured all these things, pondering them in her heart.” (Luke 2:19)



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