Jesus in Our Table

Later on, when your son asks you, ” What do these decrees and statutes and ordinances mean?” which the Lord, our God, has enjoined on you, you shall say to your son, “We were once slaves of Pharaoh in Egypt, but the Lord brought us out of Egypt with a strong hand and wrought before our eyes signs and wonders, great and dire, against Egypt and against Pharaoh and his whole house. He brought us out from there to bring us in and give us the land he had promised an oath to our ancestors. The Lord commanded us to observe all these statutes in fear of the Lord, our God, that we may always have as good a life as we have today. (Deuteronomy 6: 20-24)

It was a Sunday afternoon and before going to the Holy Mass- I’ve decided to prepare myself by having a prayer time with the scriptures assigned for that day. I have not realized that it is already past five o’clock and I still have to awake everyone in my family so we can all attend the Eucharistic celebration.

I’ve felt refreshed during my personal time with the Lord that I have not anticipated the works of the evil as out of nowhere- all of us complained with each other that for the nth time we will be late for the Holy Mass again. I almost completely gave up as one by one first my mother then my father and my youngest brother would not want to go anymore; but during those times I just prayed to the Holy Spirit that we can all gather before Jesus to celebrate with Him in our parish even how late we can get there.

In God’s grace, we were able to be at the parish even what we encountered is during the Homily. I honestly cried to the Lord that I don’t want that I thought I have a personal encounter with Him and yet my family is breaking further away from Him. I said to Him, my family before the Eucharist is what I treasure- do not let us fall away from You.

It seems the Holy Spirit is not yet through with us, as we went home. My mother suddenly announced that we order food from Savory Restaurant. We all jumped with joy, as each one of us shouts what we want for dinner. My brother shouting “Lemon Chicken” while my father shouting “Nido Soup”. I also have my favorite “Bihon-Canton Long Life Pansit” and an additional order of Sweet and Sour Fish to cap our order.

After waiting for the delivery service, we all gathered at the feast before us and prayed for blessing of the food. During the family prayer, we not only blessed the food but also prayed for our grandmother left in Bohol, our other relatives, praises for all the blessings we received from our work, business, etc. and even guiding us everyday in where we may be plus the speedier fun runs of my eldest brother and the upcoming work of my youngest brother abroad. I never imagined that we will have a feast that night after a challenging afternoon!

I felt Jesus was with us during our dinner time (just like what you see in the picture below:)


It is because I felt the answer in my prayer earlier as granted. We were all praising God while eating, recalling what the Lord have done to our family in all the years that my father worked in the nearby factory, the Lord blessing our family through my mother with a raffle draw win of a car in a bank that we can have apartments as business, seeing us all graduating and pursuing all our interests may it be in catechism, running or automotive, the Lord blessing us a new car we call Yes!, and just this particular night my mother is good with her collections from her gift shop business. It was truly a wonderful night for all of us and I remembered we always often do this- celebrating Jesus’ triumph in our life after celebrating with Him in the Eucharist!

My prayer is that may all our families not give up the hope of continually meeting for Him at the Eucharist and share His loving presence in our families today and for generations to come.


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