Now, I know how to love…


(many thanks to kabrian2000 for uploading this pic of facade of our parish- St. Joseph the Worker Quasi-Parish of Punturin, Valenzuela City!)

I remember at the start of the year that one of my New Year’s Resolution would be to make myself more beautiful especially in front of the Lord while celebrating the Holy Mass. What you can see in the picture is where God continually converts me every Sunday to be closer to Him. And then something unexpected happen…

Recently, I am dressing up for Him but also for him. Forgive me Lord but how can I resist not being excited to go to Your Eucharistic celebration when I also know that nearby in my favorite spot in Your church- I will also see the sweetest smile from him that is already enough for me to go on for the whole week?! I don’t know why suddenly I noticed him. I know for a long time that he is already a parishioner but I did not take notice of him at first. I am guessing he would be the same age as my youngest brother; but then on the night of February 25 I received the most sincerest ‘peace be with you’ from him while kissing my family. I then started observing him every Sunday since then.

Now, I know I have loved…

For days now I cannot sleep or even eat as usual. Is this what they call love bug that finally bitten me? Or its just my hormonal cycle? Whatever it is, I find most of my time dreaming for a future with him. Planning of how I can finally meet him and talk with him. It also made me look into possibility of stopping everything I am doing today to even had a chance to say hello…

We are 11 mutual friends apart from each other and I check his facebook profile every Monday just to remember his face. Hitting the ‘add friend’ button is easy; but then I did not.

Last Sunday, April 07 is a special day. You know why? Even though I have different plans of spending that Sunday (also to be not guilty of again looking forward to see him)- I still found myself going with my family at our parish. I then wore my new dress which I believe made me beautiful that night. The Holy Mass has started and my crush is not anywhere in our favorite spot- you know what I found out? He was there carrying the Evangelarium while the choir is singing the Entrance Hymn. I cried at the sight in front of me and suddenly I remembered it is Christ working in each one of us. The same way I was called to be a choir member, and then a member of the community, and then as a catechist, and then to know Him more through my upcoming Holy Land Pilgrimage and daily prayer and struggling to serve my family while proclaiming the Gospel.

I then heard his voice for the first time. My crush read the 1st reading. I still hear until this moment how his voice sounded- a little bit of bass with hints of nervousness in the sides.

I prayed to the Lord that I want to have an opportunity to know him. But after praying, I suddenly stopped this prayer. And asked the Lord instead for Christ to continue to know him and strengthen the faith that started in him as his first service in our parish. And I felt peace.

Now, I know this is perfect love…

Jesus also loved during his lifetime. He showed his love to his disciples and even the rich young man who wants to be with him. It is in giving away what is in your heart that we can say we have attained a perfect love, the same as Christ did and now I understand this scriptural verse below:

Jesus looking at him, loved him and said to him, “You are lacking in one thing. Go, sell what you have, and give to [the] poor and you will have treasure in heaven; then come, follow me.” (Mark 10:21)

Thank you Lord for an answered prayer of teaching us how to love. So now I can tell anyone who will ask me if I know how to love, I would then dreamily say- “Yes I have!” =)


2 thoughts on “Now, I know how to love…

  1. Hi Wy,

    You have evolved in a person I expected you to become. Always better and better. I never doubted that you could write articles like this. God is love, so He expects us to love Him, love one another and experienced the magical feeling of being loved. I’m a romantic so I wanted to follow this topic. What happens next?? I’m excited!!

    1. Hi Kath,

      Super thanks for visiting my blog. Especially at this time when I thought no one is reading this. Many thanks also to your faith that I can write. I also don’t realize I have this until I write something beautiful… Continue being a romantic- God planted us this in our hearts. Hehehe I’m also excited to what He has in store for us hope to see you soon!!!

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