God, it feels great to be alive!

It was my usual trip going home via LRT (Light Railway Train) from the office when suddenly I heard a loud explosion followed by the smell of a burnt rubber. Is this for real? Or I have just my fix of too much movies? No it’s really for real. I am in a tightly crammed space with a lot of girls, mothers, and kids as I am in the first carriage of the train and all are making their way to go out hurriedly of the door. I suddenly heard myself uttered three Hail Mary’s and asked God, ” Lord, is this the end for me?”

Recalling back, you know what is the first thing that crossed my mind? I easily thought at that instant, “Naku! Paano na iyong mga kabataang tuturuan ko?” (Oh my, what about the youth whom I will still teach?) I don’t know why it is so… I just know that if I get off that train- I will grab every opportunity to be with them.

I even almost cried as all the people panicked. Thankfully, the train driver calmly advised everyone to stay where we are and promised all of us that he will bring us to the nearest station- Pedro Gil (see picture below):

pedro gil

It’s almost three days since that night and every day I am in a festive mode. I treated my family to a sumptuous lunch, bought them new set of clothes, served them in household chores, served in our parish choir and today just being grateful that the Lord has given me an opportunity to be with the youth (high school scholars) of Philippine Jesuit Prison Service in Muntinlupa City


I am just full of gratefulness in my heart that the Lord made all these possible. I can’t help but think of myself as that foreigner who went back to Jesus to say thanks for what He did to him


– in my case: a new life

Does this mean I still have something to do for God? But my sister April Gamil said, “It is God who still has something to do for you.” And I agreed. =)


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