Embracing Sickness (and Technology too!)

When Jesus heard this he said to them, ‘It is not the healthy who need the doctor, but the sick. I came to call not the upright, but sinners.’- Mark 2:17

I can’t believe it! How the Lord sees me fitting to be sick for about a month now. Is this His way of showing He love me?! I only ask the Lord for His love and He gave me sickness instead.

After recuperating from almost two weeks of non-stop coughs and colds; I am now on my third day of medicating myself from German measles. Yes, like those children showed in the video- I also have the red rashes all over my face and body. More than ever I know that attending Eucharist or Holy Mass would heal me. But I’m not sure if this desire would also affect others as well.

I have searched online if measles is actually contagious and from another site http://www.health24.com/Medical/Diseases/German-measles-Rubella-20120721 it really does say that:

A person is most infectious about 5 days before they develop any symptoms of rubella until 5 days after the rash has disappeared. Infected droplets are released from the throat and are inhaled by another nearby person. Rubella is contagious, so it will easily spread to anyone who has not been vaccinated or infected before.Rubella is not a significant risk for a pregnant woman herself, but puts her fetus at risk.

The consequence of rubella infection in early pregnancy is that the baby is highly likely to be born with physical and mental abnormalities:

  • Low birth weight, with an enlarged liver and spleen
  • Deafness
  • Mental retardation
  • Abnormalities of the heart valves or major arteries taking blood from the heart to the rest of the body
  • Eye defects such as cataracts, sometimes resulting in blindness

I would love to join with my loved One but that would be putting at risk with another human person- both little children and still unborn inside those pregnant mothers coming to the Holy Mass.

Now I feel how it is to be separated from the One you love! I cannot even attend the celebration for two weeks. O Lord, you know deep in my heart that I do love to be with You!

How about you?

Thank you Lord for this I now come to embrace what you gave me! It showed I am weak, I am a sinner and I am sick! I humbly offer it all to you. Strengthen me, forgive me, heal me…

Thank you Lord for technology too! I was able to be with You even only through a live streaming of the Holy Mass at Minor Basilica of the Black Nazarene Quiapo Church =)

I’ll await ’till I can be with You again with all my loved ones as well…


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