Celebrating my Brokenness


It was early Sunday morning of 18th of October 2015 and I was called to serve  in our most-awaited National Leaders Training Conference (NLTC) of our community Ang Lingkod ng Panginoon (ALNP). I was eager to serve even only as part of transportation team to assist the delegates for their destination to the venue of the event going to San Fernando, Pampanga. This eagerness came from my experience of God in NLTC that I want to help in any small way I can. But then the service comes with a challenge…


Typhoon Koppu (Lando) was believed to be on its strongest on that day complete with winds and rainshowers. You can just imagine the shock of my father that I narrowly escaped his warnings of not going out of the house just to serve. Thank God I did not budge! I was able to have a day out laughing and sharing stories with my siblings in the community.

See how we enjoyed the service, all those smiles does not show any fear but joy in being able to come out for the Lord…

I had the opportunity to serve with Cath Iguid, Les Lopez, Tone, Ruel Lacambra, and Mel Rosagaran at the Pasay Terminal. Our service is light- we just have to put our brightest smile, greet them carrying the ALNP logo, talk with them of how they were able to fly amidst the typhoon, wait with them until they have someone that can go with them and then bid them goodbye when they are already on their bus ride.

One of the longest wait during that service I experienced was with a sister from Cebu Katrina Merz Cortez (KZ). During that time, I was the only one left in the terminal as Cath, Les and Tone all went with their assigned bus as NLTC participants. KZ shared me many things about her life as well as her colorful love experience including being broken. According to her, serving with Bo Sanchez in a recent Cebu Kerygma Conference advised her to not only to mourn for her broken heart but as well as to celebrate it! It’s not everyday that our hearts are broken…

This is a fresh thought for me, I for one having had my share of crying my heart out learned that I also have to celebrate it. After pondering for one and a half day on this, I then booked for the next available room at Azumi Boutique Hotel in Alabang for a one night staycation. It’s a bonus that I celebrated my brokenness on the 16th of November with my partner in service Mia Logica almost a month afterwards. We had an all night conversation of our experiences in our different services in the community and got a full body massage before peacefully sleeping…

Recalling back, I realized these things:

  • Through His grace, I will excitedly come to the Lord even amidst typhoon or pending danger or whatever others will say
  • Life is meant to be shared not only when I am happy but also when I am broken
  • The Lord is full of surprises in store for all of us may it be in meeting new friends or new experiences, we just have to say Yes when He wants us to serve


‘Till our next service also known as adventure with the Lord…cheers!!!


2 thoughts on “Celebrating my Brokenness

  1. indeed!
    the Lord be praised!
    His mercy and love is greater than our brokenness, our sorrows and sadness.
    Celebrate your brokenness!

    Celebrate life!

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