Another Perfect Day


See those smiles on our faces?! We cannot believe how it all turned around for good. We are supposed to be onboard to a flight going to Boracay (a popular beach destination) but routed instead to Baguio (summer capital of the Philippines). I now appreciate the geographical landscape of our country. Due to Typhoon Nona already entered the centermost part of the country- we then decided to avoid it altogether by going northbound. Thankfully after asking for intercession from my brothers and sisters in the community we were able to book on Azalea Hotel and Residences (from no hotel bookings when we rode the Victory Bus in Caloocan terminal) and the picture above is our first official selfie…

I did not only ask for our needs during this family trip; I even asked the Lord for all of us to be more united in love. Unexpectedly, throughout the middle of this bonding we began fighting about issues that already happened in the past. I don’t want to get more detailed about them but it started to get ugly and messy. Even until we get back, we are still not that okay. I cried a tear, my brother went back to the hotel by himself and my mother always interfered to all of us so we cannot harm each other.

I realized after years in the renewal community, I still have this side of me that never wants to surrender…My mother even suggested that next year we will not have a family vacation again like this. According to her it is costly (due to cancelled flights and double bookings in the hotel) and at the same time instead of enjoying the time together- we chose to fight with one another. It’s really a shame. I initially said no, we will book again for a family trip to international destination next time, maybe this will not happen. But then I thought it over and maybe she was right.

It has been two days since our epic family trip and now we received another news about our Lola Juaning Cajegas’ ascent with our Creator this afternoon. I can only pray this prayer (inserted in my journal)…



Today I let go and I let God

take charge of this life of mine.

Now in the dark

corners of my soul,

His light is beginning

to shine.

All of the cares and worries

that I have carried around

for so long

He has lifted them

from my shoulders,

and filled my heart with love.

Problems that were overwhelming

suddenly seem very small,

and come what may, starting today,

I know I can handle them all.

If you are troubled,

“Let Go and let God”

take charge of your life for you,

and however dark life’s shadows seem,

His light will come shining through.


Deep in my heart I know the Lord has granted my prayer to make us more united in love in this another perfect day…


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