Group 7

BBBS 2016 Group 7

The three of us Leona, Riz and myself are in the same company and because we are saddened that the yearly summer outing will not push through due to financial constraints we looked for another venue and found Big Brother Big Sister (BBBS) 2016 instead.

BBBS is a yearly volunteer outreach program including mountain-climbing as a yearly introduction to those who want to join the Ayala Mountaineering Club, Inc. (AMCI). We do not know such event exists until Leona saw their facebook invite. I do not have any qualms about volunteering as I am also a volunteer myself in our own parish but not with the mountain climbing part. I have heard friends getting dengue post-climb or the long-hour evening trip- I don’t know which is more encouraging….With lots of prayer and pressure from my two friends and officemates Leona and Riz, I signed up a week after.

We were surprised with BBBS 2016 as it did make us bond more with each other way more than other summer outing we have done in the past. We experienced for the first time these things: hagdan-hagdang palayan trek aka kakaba-kaba kasi pwedeng mahulog sa bangin; three o’clock in the morning lipat-tulugan aka may cricket sa tent akala namin ahas; swimming in the mud aka mud sliding; Grease audition aka naka-third place pa; priceless smiles of Ifugao kids aka playing with them like we are still kids ourselves. We also made new friends as a bonus! We met the trio some of Ate She, Maureen and Osh who came from Baguio to participate, we also met the couple Deo and Ricky who are fun to be with, there is also Dea who is a common friend of Leona and Deo whom I had lasting conversations about work and family. James though at first were reluctant to hang out with us became also comfortable with us and shared his own stories. We also met the partnership of sweepers Pete and Marvs who served us on the first and last leg of the trail with their needed presence, water and umbrella. Friends Mark and Myron are also game with the Grease musicale presentation and offered an extra hand whenever we need help. And of course, our Group Leader Kuya Froi who made each trail as fun, memorable and easy with all his funny jokes, full of wisdom tips and tricks and encouragement to continue.

We were just looking for something we can do as a team because we do not have summer outing in the company and yet we found a team in Group 7 with golden hearts willing to go extra mile to volunteer and serve. We are grateful to be part of experiencing God’s beautiful creation up in the mountains and influencing the next generation of leaders through the Ifugao kids.


‘Till the next BBBS 2017 (hopefully)!!! =)


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