Lord save me!


Jesus said, ‘Come.’ Then Peter got out of the boat and started walking towards Jesus across the water – Matthew 14:29

It was 9th of October last year, when after my prayer time I reflected on Jesus’ invitation for me to go out of the boat and walk with Him. During that time I was contemplating on whether to accept the invitation of Sis Tine to live with her household and also with Mia. My boat then was working from home but I know that the Lord is calling me to serve Him more and go out of my comfort zone…

It was already a year now after I got out of the boat and responded to God’s call to serve Him more and there are many blessings since then. One of them was accepting the service as coordinator to the high school scholars of Philippine Jesuit Prison Service Ministry;


completed also after three years my project paper requirement for me to graduate finally;


and also for the first time compensated for catechism work as both I and Ate Peng (Jen Adornado) were invited to facilitate a recollection with the Grade 9 students of St. Martin de Porres Parochial School;


I also formed deep friendships with these beautiful sisters in the community,

and even made new friends in the workplace.


Just as I felt confident with all of these blessings and things to be thankful for I have to face tomorrow a verdict for what I have failed to do and I am really crying and I can’t explain to you how afraid I am… 

but then noticing the wind, he took fright and began to sink. ‘Lord,’ he cried, ‘save me!’ – Matthew 14:30


It was like I am also Peter actually waiting and praying and crying inside today “Lord, save me!” Truly, it is worth of adventure walking with Jesus you will never be bored maybe not always a calm stride yes but full of surprises…


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