Feels like One Big Church!

Teacher Ysa: “Teacher Wy are you happy?” Me: No response. (I just smiled…) It has been two days since I started working as a Campus Minister Associate in Poveda and my facebook newsfeed floods with well-wishers and likes until now (see screenshot below)… As a Campus Minister Associate, I am part of the team that will lead the animation of Catholic faith in the school. Imagine my first tasks includes participating in the Holy Rosary, assisting in the Holy Mass, planning for the retreats and recollection, and spending time talking with the kids. It feels like one big church! I never thought such a job exists and I am like filled the whole time not lacking in anything. It is really tiring but it does not feel like work and how lucky I am indeed! I thank God for this new blessing at work. This is not to be said that this blessing came to me that easy. It took three months and two trial jobs after I got redundated from my previous company of almost ten years. Yes, a lot of tears came with it as well. I could also never imagined how this adventure made sense as to how God would make me want to grow. I hope and pray that through this new work I would be a vessel of love for this small children of God that He will allow me to be with…


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